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Top-Quality Chimney Repair That Looks Like New. Your New Brick And Mortar Are Best Possible Industry Match...100% Guaranteed

Brickworks Property Restoration | Professional Chimney Repair Detroit And Masonry | (586) 868-3234

Brickworks Property Restoration is your best choice for a beautiful house, and you always get proper care to match every new brick to your home. Your replacement brick is the best possible match because we use 15-20 manufactures to find the perfect match (When most companies just use one or two).

Also, we deal directly with several leading brick manufactures including the Belden Brick Company, Glen-Gery, Hanson Owens Corning, and General Shale just to name a few. This guarantees you flawless chimney repair job that will last for years to come. Within the past 20 years there has been a dramatic change in brick-style texture and size, and all of these things are considered when choosing the best match for your home.

Certified Professional Chimney Repair You Can Trust

Excellent Chimney Repair Adds Value To Your Home And Gives Peace Of Mind For Years To Come

Here's What Guarantees Your Chimney Repair To Be Best Possible Industry Match

Metro Detroit Chimney Cleaning
  • Using Up-To-Date Color Charts For The Best Possible Mortar Match
  • Working With 15-20 Masonry Supply-yards For The Exact Brick Match (When Most Only Use A Couple Yards)
  • Carefully Matching The Exact Size, Texture, And Color
  • Taking Samples “Not Pictures” To Supply Yards
  • Bring 2-3 Brick Samples Right To Your Home For Your Inspection
  • Considering The Era Your Home Was Built (For Instance, If Your Home Is From 1955-1975 There Is A 87% Chance You Have A Glen Gary Numbered Series Brick)

One Simple Phone Call And You've Got An Experienced Chimney Repair Service Ready To Roll. On-Staff Chimney Repair And Mortar Match Team: Absolutely NO Sub-contracting!

Certified Professional Chimney Repair You Can Trust

Brickworks Property Restoration always stays current with the latest masonry standards and techniques and uses only experienced pros that get your job done right. We have multiple-trucks and crew operations, and we're certainly no fly-by-night outfit. For the last 11 years we have grown our customer-base largely from referrals from very satisfied customers just like you.

Brickworks Property Restoration always uses our own special mortar (Never store-bought). This conceals the brick repair to your home leaves no attention to areas where your repairs have been done. You won't see mismatched bricks, discolored mortar, or even hard unblended edges.

Our staff will carefully blend the new brick with the old and naturally color the mortar for a perfect blend to your home. You get the very best mortar for the job. We have gone to great lengths to make our work stand above the rest, and by custom making our own mortar this guarantees full-flexibility with color, strength, and longevity.

Why Do You Need A Chimney Sweep?

For your Chimney repair Detroit, Detroit chimney repair, and chimney repair near Detroit.

Having a regular chimney sweep has proven to prevent costly problems with your fireplace and chimney system. This is a wise choice that guarantees safety and delivers you peace of mind by knowing all potential problems have examined by a trained professional. You’ll also rest easy knowing that the job was performed accurately, and your home has the proper ventilation it needs.

It’s always a great idea to have regular chimney sweep service so your fireplace, chimney, and roof systems in good working order and free of dangers. Regular chimney sweeps also makes your fires burn more efficiently by letting the smoke exit your home the way it was originally designed. Having a chimney sweep is an investment in a safe home for you and your family.

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Certified Chimney Sweeping Service

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