Importance of Properly Waterproofing your Basement

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement in your home, it may in fact be one of your favorite and most functional areas of your home. It can be used to store household items, add precious living space, or perhaps serve as a playroom or game room for the children in your life.  Because your basement is so close to the ground, it is also very vulnerable to water damage, leaks, mildew and mold.  Waterproofing your basement can protect it and prevent water and moisture from entering your home and causing damage.  Brickworks Property Restoration specializes in professional waterproofing of your home or building’s basement so you can be confident that your basement will be functional, safe and dry for many years to come.

Keep the Structure of your Home Safe

Our team at Brickworks Property Restoration can complete a wide variety of professional waterproofing services that can be tailored to best protect your home from water damage.  We can provide an assessment of your property and make a recommendation for effective waterproofing.  We offer interior and exterior basement waterproofing, interior foundation waterproofing, yard drain installation, brick and cement repairs, de-humidification system installation, wall straightening and bracing, crack injections and much more.

Drainage on your property is also a very important part of waterproofing your home. Effective below ground waterproofing includes both drainage and sealers, which prevents moisture from entering your basement from underneath or below your home.  This process will also preserve and protect your home’s foundation and structural integrity. Over time, waterproofing can prevent major structural issues including sloping floors, bowing walls, and doors and windows that cannot close properly that are extremely costly and even dangerous.

Partner with Brickworks Property Restoration to Protect your Home

Your home is very likely your most valuable asset.  And, you have invested a sizable amount of money in it and made countless memories with your friends and family in your home.  The last thing that you want to worry about is water damage, foundation issues or mold causing serious damage. You can trust the team at Brickworks Property Restoration to help you protect your home from all types of water damage. Waterproofing your basement now can prevent a wide variety of serious problems down the road.  For more information or to have a member of our team come to your property to give you an estimate for waterproofing your basement, call us today at (586) 868-3234.

What Is Tuckpointing?

While the bricks on your chimney can last as long as a century, the mortar that is used to connect the bricks has a much shorter lifespan.  Tuckpointing is a repair technique that can be used to strengthen and repair the mortar that deteriorates over time in order to prevent your chimney from being compromised, or even worse, collapsing.  Brickworks Property Restoration can complete necessary chimney repair on your home - our tuckpointing services will extend the life of your mortar so that you can be confident that your chimney will be strong for many years to come. Tuckpointing can extend the life of your chimney system in a variety of different ways.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

Brickworks Property Restoration can complete all types of tuckpointing.  Whether you simply need cracks and holes filled in your mortar, or if you need us to grind out existing mortar and refill it, we can help.  The benefits of periodic tuckpointing of your chimney include:

  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Restoring your home’s natural beauty
  • Preventing additional mortar damage
  • Protecting your home against storm and other weather damage
  • Reducing risk of moisture penetrating and getting inside your chimney system
  • Preserving and restoring the integrity of chimney and old brickwork
  • Tuckpointing is less expensive than a complete chimney rebuild

Why Choose Brickworks Property Restoration for Tuckpointing?

Now is a great time to have your chimney tuckpointed during the warmer months, before another harsh winter approaches. The team at Brickworks Property Restoration works all year round and has openings available for a tuckpointing job immediately.  We offer free tuckpointing consultations.  Our trained and experienced masonry professionals can assess your home’s chimney and give you a detailed assessment of weak areas and our recommendation for tuckpointing.

The Brickworks Property Restoration crew takes pride in our work and guarantees your satisfaction in our tuckpointing services.  We will not leave any mortar on your brick, we use diamond blade grinders so we will not affect surrounding brick, and we can match mortar to your existing mortar to maintain aesthetic appeal. In addition, we make all of our own mortar right in our shop so we can guarantee that it is high quality and will last for many years.  Our prices are affordable and our crew is professional, courteous and respectful of your time. For more information about our tuckpointing services or to schedule a time for our crew to come to your home, call us today at (586) 868-3234.


Increase Your Property Value with Cultured Stone

Have you been looking for an effective way to enhance the look of your home and in turn increase your property value as well? Well, by teaming up with our experienced staff at Brickworks Property Restoration, you can increase your property value with cultured stone. The best thing about this type of home improvement project is that it’s affordable! As proven masonry contractors, we’re eager and ready to get to work on your cultured stone project.

The Total Cultured Stone Package

There are quite a few contractors that specialize in cultured stonework, but none that bring as much to the table as our team at Brickworks Property Restoration. We offer elite level cultured stone installation. The installation process is one of the most critical aspects of your cultured stone project. The better the cultured stone is installed, the more natural your home will look. By combining our wide variety of cultured stone materials with our installation staff that has a passion for the finer details, the property value of your home will surely increase. To top it off, we can incorporate other materials such as brick or concrete to add contrast to the look of your cultured stone project. At Brickworks Property Restoration, our work doesn’t just stop once your cultured stone project is complete. We provide our clients with maintenance tips to ensure that the curb appeal of your home improves significantly so that you achieve the greatest lifespan for your cultured stone.

Complimentary Estimate from Brickworks Property Restoration

If you are still in the research stage and aren’t quite sure whether or not you would like to invest in cultured stone, there is nothing to lose when it comes to at least requesting a complimentary estimate from our dedicated team. One of our masonry specialists will come out to your home and evaluate the best cultured stone options for your property, with a focus on increasing your property value. From there, our staff will provide you with our recommended plans for your cultured stone project. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the affordable prices that our team is committed to providing our clients.

If you are looking for a home improvement project that will not only enhance the look of your home, but will also increase your property value as well, look no further than affordable cultured stone. To request a free estimate from our masonry team, give Brickworks Property Restoration a call today at (586) 868-3234. This is a decision you surely will not regret!