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6 Signs You May Need Chimney Repair Help

As we’ve covered before, chimney fires can cause massive amounts of damage to a home. And it goes without saying that they also can be incredibly dangerous. However, chimney fires are just one problem that can affect a chimney. Indeed, you may need chimney repair help now and not even realize it. In order to protect your family in your home, make sure to keep an eye out for these six signs that could indicate you’ve got a problem with your chimney:

#1 Damaged Mortar Joints

It’s easy to miss damaged mortar joints on your chimney, but anything that upsets the structure of the chimney could affect its performance and the overall stability of your home. Cracked, worn, or faded mortar joints require tuckpointing to restore. On the plus side, you can check out this blog to learn everything you need to know about tuckpointing.

#2 Spalling Bricks

Bricks that are cracked, coming loose, or “caved in” are usually a sign of some form of structural defect. Obviously, you don’t want your chimney leaning one way or another; so take action to prevent it by replacing or repairing spalling bricks as necessary.

#3 Cracked Tiles

The tiles around your chimney’s base should be solid and secure. As such, noticing any cracks in the tiles around your chimney is typically a harbinger of worse issues down the road.

#4 Moisture Issues

Water is the enemy of brick fixtures everywhere. Though bricks are extremely durable, they are also porous, which means that water can enter through them. Unfortunately, this means brick chimneys are vulnerable to excessive moisture. Some signs that moisture is affecting your chimney's performance include:

  • Rusted dampers or rust on metal chimney appendages.
  • Efflorescence –– a white stain left on bricks as a by-product of water damage.
  • Bowed walls around the chimney. In addition, water may affect wallpaper on walls adjacent to a chimney.

#5 Damaged Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are vital because they ensure proper ventilation and prevent animals from nesting within your chimney. If your cap has been removed or compromised in any way, make sure to replace it quickly.

#6 Excessive Smoke

Thick, black, billowing smoke coming from your chimney is –– obviously –– not a welcome sight. The bad news here is that excessive smoke is often the result of a chimney fire. Often, creosote will build up within the chimney after long periods of time and contribute to these dangerous fires. If you experience heavy black smoke coming from your chimney, exit the house and take all necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Schedule an Inspection Today

The best way to handle chimney repairs is to be proactive and avoid them in the first place. Thankfully, just by scheduling regular maintenance and inspections, you can prevent many of the issues that commonly plague chimneys. While chimney fires happen most often during the winter, chimney damage can come about at any time. So if you’re concerned about a set of spalling bricks or a busted chimney cap, then contact the professionals at Brickworks today. We’ll be happy to address your problem, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution possible. Don’t wait another minute –– call today at (586) 330-4843.

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How to Vet Foundation Repair Companies For Your Project

Homeowners who are in the unenviable position of needing help with their foundation obviously want to find a solution to their problem ASAP. Unfortunately, many individuals may not know the extent of their own foundational damage. Or, they may not know what questions they should ask foundation repair professionals. As such, finding a reliable foundation repair company can be extremely difficult. Here, we’ll explain how to vet foundation repair companies for your project to ensure that you end up partnering with a business you can trust.

Read Consumer Reviews

Unbiased reviews are a great informational source for consumers looking to learn more about a home repair business. After all, how a company treated its customers in the past is a pretty solid indication of how they’ll treat you now. Sure, most businesses will have the odd negative review here or there. But if a company has a rash of poor ratings online, it may be wise to look elsewhere for help.

Ask About Long-Term Assistance

In most instances, foundation problems will require a good deal of work to fix. Sadly, some contractors look for the most expedient solution to a problem –– not the best one. Subsequently, homeowners are then forced to call for further help down the line when more issues crop up. Ask any prospective foundation repair company if they provide a satisfaction guarantee and if they back up their work with a warranty. Furthermore, inquire if they’re able to handle different kinds of home-repair projects. Just because they reset a sagging foundation, doesn’t mean they’ve addressed all of your home’s issues.

Compare Value –– Not Price

When it comes to big projects like foundation repair –– most of the time –– you get what you pay for. Businesses that boast the lowest prices may not deliver the same quality service as their competitors. Be sure to judge a foundation-repair service by the value it can offer and not just the “sticker price.” Remember, a shoddy repair job can wind up costing you thousands of dollars in further maintenance down the line. Don’t rush this decision!

Trust in Experience

Let’s face it: there’s no substitute for hard-earned field experience. The best foundation repair companies stand the test of time and win over their customers with hard work and dedication. Though some organizations look to cut costs by hiring inexperienced sub-contractors, the best brick-repair specialists only employ certified pros. Lastly, it’s important to find a contractor who understands your region and the weather conditions you face. Home-repair projects in Michigan are quite a bit different from those in Arizona, for instance.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to foundation repair, it’s more important to get the job done right than to get it done on the cheap. Yes, the best contractors should be able to offer competitive prices and finish a project quickly, but trust us, quality service matters much more than a quick-fix in the long run. At Brickworks, we never hire subcontractors and we only use the best tools and materials available on the market. Plus, we offer a variety of brick-repair services, which means that when we take on a project, we won’t stop until it’s done and you’re satisfied. Call us today for an inspection at (586) 330-4920.