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Condo, Multi-home, and Apartment Building Services

Brickworks repairs all types of problems in masonry construction, which includes clay brick, concrete block and stone. Our services include repointing of deteriorated mortar joints, removal and replacement of cracked or distressed brick, steel angle irons and lintel replacement/restoration. Chimney rebuilds and repairs including new concrete caps and limestone drip edges, and screen covers. Porch repairs and concrete cap replacements, as well as steps.

  • Tuckpointing /Repointing: The repair of deteriorated mortar is called tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is one of the most needed and common repair Brickworks performs and our skilled masons have mastered the art of replacing mortar.
  • Brick replacement and repair: This repair is to remove specific areas or individual bricks that may be affected by any style of damage to the brick. Matching brick and mortar to the original style is the key with a making this repair blend and look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Mortar and Brick Matching: We work with all large and small brick manufactures and suppliers in the tri county area and surrounding areas to obtain the best matching bricks for your projects needs
  • Chimney rebuilds and repair: If your chimneys need to be completely rebuilt or repairs, we can use our trained staff to build the appropriate scaffolding needed to access the area of concern and safely repair as needed. We offer multiple styles of caps and crowns for any application needed
  • Brick sealant: we offer multiple styles of sealants that are applied to the brick face to help resist water penetration from affecting bricks internal integrity as well as helping to prevent internal water damages
  • Limestone repairs and replacement: Although deterioration in limestone is inevitable, there are ways to slow the process and prevent serious damage. Routine maintenance and inspections can reveal surface damage, displacement and joint failure that can signify more serious underlying conditions. Early detection and prompt, careful attention is key.
  • Porch caps, brick, and steps: mostly the entrance to a home you want it to look good. Metro Detroit is not the most ideal weather for masonry and salt is often required. The down side to salt is masonry damage. We repair all brick on porches and cement caps of any style, also formed and Pre-casted steps.
  • Steel lintel replacement: As lintels age they rust, swell, and cause step cracks and damage to a home or building’s integrity and structure. At Brickworks we make lintel replacement easy with brick matching and mortar matching being our strong suite.
  • Thru Wall flashing: Old masonry structures were usually built with solid brick walls and water infiltration seldom reached the interior surfaces. Architects in recent decades have utilized light-weight steel studs and gypsum sheathing for wall structure and faced the exterior walls with a thin veneer of brick masonry. This is called cavity wall construction and has been used almost exclusively for construction over the last 20 years.