We take care of all kinds of masonry porches

Who makes the best brick porches in Detroit, MI? Brickworks Property Restoration, of course! Our masonry contractors in Detroit are fully licensed and insured to build, repair, or replace your brick porch. No matter how old your home might be, we can work on creating an inviting, beautiful porch to add to the front. Call us today at (586) 868-3234 to learn more about our quality brickwork.

A brick porch can be a beautiful addition to just about any home. Plus, brick porches are more durable and yet cost nearly the same amount as wooden alternatives. Still, even the best brick porches are susceptible to water damage, especially after years or erosion. Fortunately, the team at Brickworks can help you cover every aspect of a brick-porch home project, including repair, replacement, and installing custom posts, steps, and railings. What’s more, we offer full-scale foundation repair when the damage extends beneath the surface. We’re also more than comfortable starting a project from scratch. When you partner with us, you can be confident your porch will be built by professionals with longevity in mind.

Brick Porch Design

Your porch is the first thing visitors will notice about your house –– so don’t neglect this vital feature of your home. Using boilerplate solutions and mismatched bricks will leave you with an eyesore in your front lawn. Instead, consider reaching out to the Brickworks team today. In addition to providing top-quality porch repair, we also specialize in building porches from the ground up. Lastly, we’ll find bricks that exactly match your home’s appearance in color and texture.

Beware of Ice Melters

To take great care of your porch, be careful which ice melting methods you employ as many ice melters with salt in them can damage your brick porch. So whether you’re getting a new porch or taking care of an existing one, be sure that you use proper ice melters that will not damage the masonry work on your porch & steps.

Whatever you want from your porch, Brickworks can make your dream a reality. Call us today here (586) 868-3234. We’re ready to get started when you are!