Brick Repair Northville MI

Brick Repair Northville MIBrickworks Property Restoration is a full-service brick repair company in Northville, MI.  You can count on us to pay attention to detail, to complete brick repair jobs in Northville, MI in a timely manner and to treat you respectfully in the process.  Our process typically involves removing damaged mortar from the joints.  Once that process is completed, we move to the next stage of the brick repair process, which is applying new mortar to match your existing brick profile.  We work hard to create an exact color match for your existing brick and mortar.

Importance of Brick Repair, Northville MI

Like all external components of your house, bricks are exposed to the elements.  And the elements of Northville, MI, and surrounding locations, can be extremely harsh.  Warm-weather months can be excruciatingly hot at times, and we all know about the winters here.  As hardy and durable as brick may be nature will eventually win the battle against it.  And depending on how much care your builder took in using the brick used on your home, you may find yourself in need of brick repair in Northville, MI sooner than you expected.

Over time, bricks may chip due to wind or impact, and they can begin to wear down and fail once their outer surface has been compromised.  We recommend completing the brick repair process in Northville, MI by employing a breathable sealant. Our choice is a silicone-based sealant that provides a breathable vapor barrier.  The vast majority of sealants used by other brick repair companies in Northville, MI do not allow any degree of breathability.

Breathable sealants are important to good brick repair in Northville, MI for a number of reasons.  One obvious advantage is that breathable sealants prevent repaired brick from being penetrated by dirt and other contaminants.  If contaminants cannot penetrate your bricks, they will be easier to clean.  Repaired brick is also made to look new again, and a breathable sealant really brings out the natural color of your brick.  Breathable sealants are equally good at creating a barrier against insects too.  Arguably the most functional advantage of a breathable sealant is that it protects your repaired brick from ultraviolet (UV) rays which create a dull and bleached appearance.

Professional Brick Repair in Northville, MI

Our staff cares about doing good work for you.  The brick repair work we offer provides one of the more essential services homeowners need which is taking care of the foundational components of their homes.  If you have discovered that the brick that composes your foundation or the more decorative aspects of your home have been damaged, we hope you will consider us to complete brick repair in Northville, MI. 

Give us a call at (586) 868-3234 and we will be happy to provide a free quote and answer any questions you may have about the best way to address the issues you have concerning brick repair in Northville, MI.