Concrete Leveling Saves Money Over Replacing Concrete

If you’ve been thinking about replacing the concrete floor on your driveway, deck, basement, or garage, consider concrete leveling first. Concrete leveling –– when done correctly –– can prove just as effective as a full-scale concrete floor replacement. Plus, concrete leveling is substantially more cost-effective. Unless you’ve experienced massive, irreparable damage to the concrete surfaces in your home, concrete leveling will prove a better option to pursue than total replacement.

Concrete Leveling 101

It’s hard to imagine a material as solid as concrete needing much maintenance. However, concrete is susceptible to the elements like anything other substance. As such, exposure to water, high heat, or biting cold (a Detroit staple!) can “raise” or “lower” concrete and create imbalances within the surfaces. (Even trees and tree roots can create this effect in some instances.) When this occurs your surface can become uneven or crack. Obviously, no one wants this to happen to their concrete surfaces on their property.

The good news is, when you partner with Brickworks, you can avoid the pitfalls of concrete damage to your home.

Concrete Leveling Process

In theory, concrete leveling is a simple process. Our skilled professionals will drill holes into strategically placed intervals, fill gaps underneath the concrete, and then seal the holes to ensure the structural security of the concrete. But if concrete leveling is so simple, why should you choose us? Well, the answer is twofold. To start, Brickworks only employs the most skilled and experienced pros who will work to find you the most economic solution to your problem. In addition, we only use the highest quality limestone filler to plug in the gaps underneath your concrete. While other companies are more than happy to use cheaper alternatives, we insist on using the best tools and materials to guarantee you won’t have to deal with another concrete surface conundrum in a year or two.

Concrete Leveling Options

Though our team is perfectly capable of addressing issues within a home, we also handle concrete leveling projects for private businesses. Indeed, we can tackle any surface from an entire parking lot to a single uneven slab.

Contact Our Team Today

The longer you wait to address uneven slabs in your concrete, the more it’ll cost you in the long run! So as soon as you begin to notice trouble with your concrete surfaces, call us here at (586) 823-2269. We’ll come to your location and provide a free estimate. Plus, we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with our work. We’re a family-owned business dedicated to offering the best service possible, which is why our team members are fully licensed and certified. Don’t trust just any operation to fix this vital aspect of your home or business –– because it will affect the value! Instead, call the Brickworks team and rest easy knowing we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently!