Get Complete Cultured Stonework From Brickworks Property Restoration

There’s nothing more classic than incorporating cultured stone into your home’s design. Indeed, cultured stone has a great look to it that’s perfect for just about every room in your house. But don’t take our word for it. Check out everything you need to know about cultured stone right here and see for yourself:

What is Cultured Stone?

Cultured stone, or manufactured stone, differs from natural stone in that it’s a man-made product. Unlike natural stone, which is mined from the earth, cultured stone is created by mixing cement and other elements. Afterward, the stone is treated to appear more “realistic.”

Cultured Stone vs Natural Stone

Some people will insist on using natural stone because of an attachment to a certain pattern or look. Nevertheless, cultured stone presents a number of features most homeowners will typically value. For one, since cultured stone is a manufactured product, homeowners will have the ability to choose from a wide range of design options. (Natural stone choice is often limited to the region.) In addition, cultured stone is lighter and, as a result, won’t affect the foundation of a home in the same way a heavier natural stone would. And lastly, cultured stone is almost always cheaper than natural stone.

Cultured Stone Installation

Of course, there are some issues associated with cultured stone, but thankfully, most of them can be dealt with through proper installation. Depending on the composition, cultured stone may be more susceptible to water damage. What’s more, cultured stone installation isn’t a straightforward “DIY project.” If you don’t get a professional to work with the stone, you could risk losing out on many of the optical, economic, and structural benefits this material provides.

Contact Us About Cultured Stone Project

At Brickworks, we can help you arrive at the best possible decisions for your home design or renovation. When you partner with us, you’ll gain access to the wide array of cultured stone choices from our manufacturing contacts that we’ve accrued over our 30 years in the industry. Plus, we’ll handle the installation in a quick and efficient manner with custom mortar that perfectly matches your home’s look. And of course, we’ll always show you how to look after your cultured stone walls to ensure they look their best for many years to come. Cultured stone can be a great addition to any area of your home, so give us a call today here at (586) 868-3234. We’re ready to schedule a meeting and talk through the finer points when you are!