Foundation Repair Northville MI

Foundation Repair Northville MIIf you are looking for foundation repair in Northville, MI, Brickworks Property Restoration should always be your top choice.  Our positive reputation is built on years of excellent customer service and professional expertise in the repair of cracked, shifting, and otherwise damaged foundations.  When homeowners find that foundation repair in Northville, MI is needed, most will panic and feel like they just took a punch to the gut.  That feeling comes from the fear that a damaged foundation means a major financial hit.  But that is not always accurate.  Brickworks Property Restoration can complete foundation repair in Northville, MI and minimize major disruption to your life. 

Professional Foundation Repair in Northville MI

If your home needs a major foundation repair in Northville, MI, we typically recommend a process called ‘foundation piering.’ Foundation piering is a foundation repair technique that involves driving steel pipes, or pilings, down through the foundation to strengthen the failing foundation.  The added support provided by the steel pilings serves to correct the problems caused by the settling of the ground into which your foundation was dug. Foundation piers consist of sections of galvanized or epoxy-coated steel pipe, which we drive into the soil with a hydraulic ram.  The process may sound like a huge project, but our experience allows us to complete most projects with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Once the heavy foundation repair, Northville, MI is done, we will begin to focus on the aesthetics of the job, meaning how things look after the completion of the foundation repair process.  We understand that you love your home not solely because of its reliably solid foundation, but also for its visual appeal.  We are not the contractors who come in and do the job without caring about how the job looks when it is completed.  Our foundation repair process includes color matching the brick and the mortar that make up your foundation.  When our work is done, we want your house to look like no work was ever done in the first place. 

Do You Need Foundation Repair in Northville, MI?

When you work with Brickworks Property Restoration on any type of foundation repair in Northville, MI, you will not have to worry about working with subcontractors.  We do all of our work ourselves.  The pride we take in maintaining a reputation of excellent customer service means that we will not give you off to another contractor to do the job you hired us to do.  The stress of learning that you need foundation repair in Northville, MI should not be further complicated by having to work with a subcontractor who may not have the same commitment to excellent communication that we have.

Needing foundation repair will never come as good news.  Finding a company that focuses on foundation repair in Northville, MI that is committed to doing the job right can minimize, and sometimes eliminate, the stress.  Brickworks Property Restoration is a leading company in foundation repair in Northville, MI.  Give us a call at (586) 868-3234 and we will talk you through the process.