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Government/Historical Landmarks/Churches Services

We proudly service all Government Grant and bond work and prevailing wage required projects, both prime and sub. All size restoration, repair and restoration projects. All heights above and below grade. Scaffolding, swing stages, boom lifts, heights are not a problem at brickworks.

Historic mortars, stone and brick replacement. Lentils, shoring bowing walls. Lime mortar, and sandstone rusted metal.

Schools, post offices, historical land markets  librariesarires, city hall, and offices.

Mortar joints between masonry units (i.e. brick, block, stone, or terra cotta) can deteriorate over time, becoming weak and vulnerable to excessive moisture penetration. Repointing, also referred to as tuck-pointing, is the process of removing the deteriorated mortar and replacing it with fresh, compatible mortar, thereby increasing a structure’s longevity.

Why Brickwsorks Property Restoration?

When done improperly, repointing can lead to cracking, spalling, and having the surrounding masonry quickly detriorate.  At Brickworks, we want to ensure your structure holds its integrity.  We accomplish this by taking special care in determining the correct repair and the appropriate mortar composition before we begin your property restoration project.