We’re happy to announce that Brickworks has collaborated with Helifix to become Michigan’s premier contractor for brick and masonry repair.

But what does that mean for you, the customer? In short, by partnering with Helifix, we’re able to offer the highest quality service in the Michigan area at a reasonable price. Here’s everything you need to know about what Helifix means to our operation.

What is Helifx?

Helifix is a cutting-edge structural solutions business based in the UK. They’ve been providing products and developing repair techniques for over 30 years, and their reputation in the field is second-to-none. By partnering with Helifix, Brickworks employees gain access to their innovative repair methods, products, and become certified Helifix technicians. Brickworks is delighted to work with such a trustworthy and reputable brand since it ensures our commitment to quality.

What can I Expect From a Brickworks Project?

In brief, what separates Brickworks from our competitors is our attention to detail and dedication to restoring your home to its condition before any repairs occured. Of course, we strive to provide home-repair solutions that function perfectly and guarantee you won’t experience significant problems in the future. But we’re also driven to make sure the appearance of your home isn’t affected in the process. That’s where Helifix comes in. By utilizing Helifix’s Bowtie Repair System, HD Helical Anchors, Crack Stitching Systems, and Strong Bonding Helibond Grout and Dryfixkit, our employees can deliver the kind of results that no other contractor in the state can match. If you want your home to look how it did the day you bought it, then Brickworks is the only home-repair partner for you.

The Brickworks Way

At Brickworks, no repair is too small and no undertaking too large for our highly motivated team of professionals. We understand that our job is as much about technical skill as it is industry experience. That’s why we only employ craftsmen who have a passion for the work and will take your problem seriously. Whether you have an issue in your home, on your porch or patio, with your driveway, or any other addition on your property, you can trust the Brickworks team to get the job done right. Plus, we also handle business repairs –– we have the tools, resources, and skill to tackle any repair problem. We’re proud and excited to work with Helifix to offer our customers unmatched service. But don’t take our word for it.

Call us today at (586) 868-3234 and we’ll be happy to take on your problem. One of our team members will inspect the site and give you a free estimate. Don’t wait another moment –– call today!