Chimney Repair In Bloomfield Hills MI

Chimney Repair Bloomfield Hills MIWhere can you find quality chimney repair in Bloomfield Hills, MI? Here at Brickworks Property Restoration. Our masonry experts near Bloomfield Hills, MI are here to help you repair your chimney and improve the look of your home at the same time. Whether you have an old chimney in need of reconstruction or a new chimney in need of inspection, we have the skills necessary to get the job done right the first time. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Reliable Chimney Repair In Bloomfield Hills, MI Just In Time For Winter!

Winters in Bloomfield Hills, MI are brutal, with temperatures averaging below 30̊ F. When the cold weather starts to hit, you need a reliable chimney that will direct heat from your fireplace throughout your home. If you do not use your fireplace in the winter, you still need to make sure your chimney is properly insulated so the warmth from your heater does not escape through the bricks. Call on Brickworks Property Restoration to inspect your chimney and complete your chimney repair so you can be protected in the bitter cold.

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Seamless Chimney Repair To Match Your Bloomfield Hills, MI Home

Worried about having an eyesore on your home once your chimney repair is complete? Don’t be! We work with 15-20 masonry supply yards near Bloomfield Hills, MI to source the perfect bricks to match your home. We will take samples of your bricks to the yards to find the best possible match for your masonry, and then we will bring samples back with us just to be sure the color, pattern, and texture fit perfectly. Most other chimney repair specialists in Bloomfield Hills, MI only work with one or two suppliers, limiting their ability to find a good match for your home. With Brickworks Property Restoration, you will get seamless repairs each and every time.

Color Matched Mortar For Your Chimney Repairs In Bloomfield Hills, MI

We don’t just work on finding the best bricks for your home. We have advanced color-matching programs that allow us to create the perfect mortar for your chimney repair in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We use this same color matching process for our tuckpointing services, which improve the lifetime of your chimney as a whole. Our goal is to make your chimney look like new without drawing attention to the chimney repair. Call (586) 868-3234 today for a free quote.