Chimney Repair In Clawson MI

Chimney Repair Clawson MIWhere can you get the best chimney repair in Clawson, MI? Right here at Brickworks Property Restoration. Over the last 20 years, our masonry experts have worked on hundreds of homes and businesses near Clawson, MI, and many of them live close by. Get amazing chimney repairs from friendly experts right in your neighborhood, and add value to your property at the same time! Check out some of the many benefits that come from chimney repairs and other masonry services.

Types Of Chimney Repair Services In Clawson, MI

There are a number of chimney repair services you may need for your Clawson, MI home, depending on how old it is and what the current state of your brickwork may be. Some examples include:

  • Brick Sealants To Protect Your Bricks From Moisture And Maximize Water Drainoff
  • Tuckpointing To Preserve Your Mortar And Add To The Lifetime Of Your Chimney
  • Chimney Restorations To Make Your Chimney Look Like New Again
  • Brick Replacement To Get Rid Of Old, Worn Bricks That Take Away From Your Home’s Curb Appeal
  • Complete Chimney Replacement When Chimney Repairs Are Not An Option

To find out which services are needed for your home or business, contact Brickworks Property Restoration at (586) 868-3234. One of our masonry experts near Clawson, MI will come out to your property for a free evaluation. The quote is 100% free and there is no obligation.

Licensed And Insured Chimney Repair Experts Near Clawson, MI

You need a team of brickworkers that you can trust. Our licensed and insured chimney repair professionals are certified to work in the Clawson, MI area. We stay up to date with the latest building codes at the state and city level to ensure we are working within the confines of the law. You will get a gorgeous, seamless chimney repair that exceeds current quality standards.

Color Matched Chimney Repair Solutions From More Than 15 Brick Supply Yards Near Clawson, MI

At Brickworks Property Restoration, we don’t just work with one or two suppliers for our masonry materials. We source from 15-20 supply yards to make sure we get the best possible match for your chimney repair. We will take a sample of your brick to the supply yards, and then we will bring samples back to double check our match. Once we have the perfect brick, we can start the repairs and enhance your property’s curb appeal.

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