Chimney Repair In Grosse Ile

If you need chimney repair in the Grosse Ile, look no further than Brickworks Property Restoration. We offer superior chimney repair services in Grosse Ile, as well as tuckpointing, basement waterproofing, masonry, and much more. Whether you need a small repair completed or a full chimney restoration, we are here to help you get your chimney back in working order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Chimney Repair Work That Matches Your Grosse Ile Home

Each chimney we come across is a little different than the last. Your chimney may have been built at the exact same time as your neighbor’s, but it looks completely different. At Brickworks Property Restoration, we understand just how unique your chimney is, and we work to accommodate that with our chimney repair work in the Grosse Ile. In the end, you will have a repair that is customized for your home.

In our Grosse Ile chimney repair, you get:

  • Brick And Mortar Matching That Fits The Era Your Home Was Built In
  • Mortar Color Matching Using Updated Color Charts
  • Brick Designs From 15-20 Supply Yards
  • Samples From Your Home Brought To The Supply Yard For Matching
  • Licensed And Insured Contractors With Expert Experience In Grosse Ile Chimney Repair

We provide nothing but the best chimney repair services in the Grosse Ile. Just let us know what you need for your home, and we will start working for you.

Going Beyond Chimney Repair In The Grosse Ile

Grosse Ile Professional Chimney RepairChimney repair is not the only service we offer in the Grosse Ile. We can perform a variety of other services on your home, including:

No matter how old your home may be, the team at Brickworks Property Restoration can help you get it back to normal. Trust in our amazing chimney repair experts in the Grosse Ile, and you will not be disappointed.

Schedule A Free Grosse Ile Chimney Repair Inspection

Want a free quote for your chimney repair costs? Call Brickworks Property Restoration at (586) 868-3234 to schedule your appointment. We will come out to any home in the Grosse Ile and tell you what needs to be done for your chimney repair. We look forward to hearing from you!