Chimney Repair In Harrison Township MI

Chimney Repair In Harrison Township, MIThe sooner you take care of chimney cracks and chips, the less money you will pay on chimney repairs. Brickworks Property Restoration offers affordable chimney repair services in Harrison Township, MI, including professional chimney inspections from experienced local masonry experts. Whether you just bought your home or you’re looking for a wise investment, you can benefit from chimney repair services. Contact us today at (586) 868-3234 to schedule your free chimney inspection.

Color-Matched Brick And Mortar From 15-20 Brick Supply Yards

Most chimney repair companies in Harrison Township, MI only use 1 or 2 supply yards to gather their construction materials. This significantly limits their ability to seamless chimney repairs that blend with your existing brick work. At Brickworks Property Restoration, we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide top-quality brick repairs each and every time. We work with a network of 15-20 supply yards in Metro Detroit, and we match samples of your bricks on-site. With our chimney repair services, you will get:

  • Dependable Chimney Repairs That Last For Years To Come
  • Carefully Matched Bricks That Blend In With Your Existing Chimney
  • Protective Brick Sealants That Safeguard Your Chimney Against Wear And Tear
  • Professional Tuckpointing Services To Extend The Lifetime Of Your Mortar
  • Cultured Stone Installations For Porches, Patios, And Other Exterior Features
  • Basement Waterproofing And Concrete Leveling To Enhance The Structural Integrity Of Your Home
  • Professional Chimney Inspections From Experienced Masonry Experts In Harrison Township, MI
  • Quality Chimney Repairs All Year Long

With Brickworks Property Restoration, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. Repair a small problem with your chimney or get complete chimney remodeling. We have the tools and expertise to handle any job of any size. Call (586) 868-3234 to learn more.

Professional Chimney Sweeping In Harrison Township, MI

Chimney sweeping is a vital component of chimney maintenance. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that most chimneys receive at least one thorough cleaning a year. This prevents the build-up of creosote – a natural byproduct of fires that creates a foul smell in your fireplace. It also ensures the safety of your family when a fire is lit because the flames will slide up the flue like they’re supposed to. Brickworks Property Restoration offers chimney sweeping services in Harrison Township in addition to our professional chimney repairs. You can count on us to keep your chimney going no matter what the circumstances may be.

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