Chimney Repair In Livonia MI

Chimney Repair In Livonia, MIFor over a decade, Brickworks Property Restoration has provided high-quality chimney repair services to homes and businesses in Livonia, MI. All of our services are backed by a labor warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We work with bricks of all styles, ages, and conditions, and we are extremely familiar with the building materials used in this area. Simply put, you won’t get better brick repairs anywhere else.

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Color-Matched Brick And Mortar

The ultimate goal of any brick repair is to improve the efficiency and insulation of siding, chimneys, and other features. That doesn’t mean the repairs should be noticeable though. At Brickworks Property Restoration, we source repair materials from 15-20 local manufacturers, and we carefully match bricks from your property to bricks on site. We also use up-to-date color charts for mortar matching to make sure the repairs blend in from top to bottom. Your curb appeal will never be compromised and your satisfaction will never waiver. Take advantage of our brick repair services, including:

  • Tuckpointing To Fill In Cracks In Old, Worn Mortar
  • Durable Brick Replacements For Bricks Of All Ages
  • Chimney Repairs That Fit The Era Your Home Was Constructed In
  • Chimney Sweeping And Repair Solutions That Boost The Energy Efficiency Of Your Fireplace
  • Professional Chimney Inspections From Experienced Local Contractors
  • Protective Brick Sealants To Help Your Masonry Stand Up To Michigan’s Ice And Snow
  • Custom Porches, Patios, And Brick Walkways To Enhance Your Curb Appeal
  • Concrete Leveling And Heat Shield Installations In Livonia, MI
  • Local Masonry Experts That Work Directly For Us – NO SUBCONTRACTORS

To learn more about our chimney repair services in Livonia, MI, call (586) 868-3234 today.

Complete Chimney Maintenance In Livonia, MI

Keep your beautiful chimney operating at its full potential with chimney maintenance services from Brickworks Property Restoration. Our chimney sweeping services include an inspection of your brickwork, so you can catch potential damage at the first signs. By regularly cleaning your chimney, you can keep your fires under control and make sure your chimney is working efficiently. This will not only save you money, but it will also extend the life of your brickwork. Give us a call today to learn more.

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