Chimney Repair In Macomb County

In need of quality chimney repair in Macomb County? Brickworks Property Restoration is here to get the job done. We offer a number of chimney repair and replacement service fit for your home or office. From historic houses to new construction areas, we have the tools and experts to get your chimney looking and working its best. With us at your side, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Custom Chimney Repairs For Your Home In Macomb County

One of our most sought after services at Brickworks Property Restoration is our color-match chimney repair. We work with 15-20 masonry supply yards throughout the year, so we can source bricks in just about any style imaginable. Other chimney repair companies in Macomb County only use one or two yards to get bricks from, limiting their options and their ability to match your bricks. Our team will make sure your chimney repair blends in seamlessly.

In addition to our brick matching, we offer custom mortar matching from a range of updated mortar colors. Not only will your bricks look like they’ve always been there, but your mortar will as well. We will use the same style of bricklaying to restore your chimney’s original look. You’ll soon have the best looking home in Macomb County!

Professional Chimney Repair Services For Macomb County

Brickworks Property Restoration offers a number of professional chimney repair services for Macomb County. We work on everything from storm damage to aged masonry work, so you don’t have to worry about who is handling your brick work. Our licensed and insured chimney repair experts will take care of you. Some of our services include:

Call us today at (586) 868-3234 to learn about our chimney repair services near you.

When Is The Right Time To Get Chimney Repair Work In Macomb County?

The time to act is now! If you have noticed problems with your chimney, you could already be paying to heat or cool down the outside air. All those drafts represent money flying out of your home. Plus, a damaged chimney is a health risk that could lead to serious injury. Call (586) 868-3234 right away to schedule your chimney repair in Macomb County.