Chimney Repair In Troy, MI

Chimney Repair In Troy, MIChimney damage can happen to anyone. Property settling, moisture exposure, wind-blown debris, and basic weather changes can hurt the structural integrity of your chimney.

Brickworks Property Restoration provides affordable, long-lasting chimney repairs for homes and businesses in Troy, MI. The sooner you act, the less you’ll spend on brick and mortar repairs.

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Seamless Chimney And Brick Repairs In Troy, MI

Most chimney repair companies in Troy, MI only use one or two supply yards. We work with 15-20 suppliers in Michigan to get the best matched brick for your building. The age and style of your home will have a big influence on the type of bricks used for the exterior. We will keep that in mind when selecting repair materials. We also use color-matched mortar for a seamless finish from top to bottom. Take advantage of our full range of services, including:

  • Color-Matched Brick And Mortar Sourced From 15-20 Local Supply Yards
  • Professional Chimney Inspections That Identify Problems At The First Sign
  • Chimney Sweeping That Improves The Energy Efficiency Of Your Fireplace
  • Chimney Leak Repairs To Keep Unwanted Moisture Out Of Your Home
  • Complete Chimney Restorations To Give Your Brickwork A New Life
  • Era-Specific Bricks That Fit The Year Your Home Was Built In
  • Tuckpointing Services That Repair And Strengthen Your Mortar, Protecting Your Bricks For Years To Come
  • Brick Siding Installation For New Construction And Home Additions
  • Brick Porches That Add Style And Flare To Your Home’s Exterior
  • Durable Brick Sealants Designed To Withstand Michigan’s Harsh Weather Patterns
  • Affordable Commercial And Residential Chimney Repair In Troy, MI
  • Beautiful Hardscaping Services, Including Stamped Concrete, Stone Pathways, Custom Patios And More

Custom Brick Maintenance Plans, Including Professional Chimney Sweeping!

Keep your chimney looking and working its best with year-long chimney maintenance. This includes professional chimney sweeping and annual brick inspections. With a custom maintenance plan, you can make brick and mortar repairs at the first signs of damage, and you can improve the efficiency of your fireplace. Brickworks Property Restoration offers complete chimney cleaning services in Troy, MI. Our local masonry experts are here to assist you!

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