Chimney Sweep Detroit MI

Chimney Sweep In Detroit, MIThe best way to keep your chimney working properly is to have it professionally cleaned. Brickworks Property Restoration is proud to offer chimney repair and chimney maintenance services to homes and businesses in Detroit, MI. You can trust the quality of our work because we are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute Of America. All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about chimney cleaning or to schedule an appointment with a chimney sweep in Detroit, MI, call (586) 868-3234 today.

The Endless Benefits Of Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney sweeping is about more than just keeping your chimney clean. This is a form of preventative maintenance that protects your family from out of control smoke and flames. If you leave your chimney unattended, the creosote from the fire will start to build up in the shaft. Rather than flowing directly up and out, the smoke and flames will get trapped in the fireplace and may billow into your home. You can avoid all of that with the help of a chimney sweep, like the ones we have here in Metro Detroit, MI.

Some of the biggest benefits to chimney sweeping include:

  • Prevent Fire Hazards Caused By Out-Of-Control Flames
  • Extend The Life Of Your Chimney By Identifying Damage Early On
  • Get Rid Of Creosote Buildup That Decreases The Efficiency Of Your Chimney
  • Keep Heat Where It Belongs To Reduce Your Household Energy Bills
  • Eliminate Smelly Odors That Live In Unclean Chimneys
  • Protect Your Family So They Can Make Memories Around The Fireplace
  • Make Your Chimney Work Like New, No Matter How Old It Is
  • Plan For Chimney Repairs Before They Get Out Of Hand

When you need a chimney sweep you can trust, Brickworks Property Restoration is here for you. Call (586) 868-3234 to schedule an appointment in Detroit, MI.

Seamless Chimney Repairs With Materials Sourced Right Here In Detroit, MI

If your chimney sweep identifies an issue with your chimney, it’s best to get it repaired right away. That will prevent a small problem from turning into a much bigger one. We work with 15-20 supply yards in the Detroit area to find the best bricks to match your existing chimney. This allows for seamless brick and mortar repairs that will keep your chimney working properly. Call our office to schedule your chimney repair, or talk to your chimney sweep about the approximate cost of the repair. We will get your chimney working like new in no time.

Work With A Chimney Sweep You Can Trust! Call (586) 868-3234 To Schedule An Appointment