Chimney Sweep Northville MI

Chimney Sweep Northville MIBrickworks Property Restoration is an experienced and reliable chimney sweep in Northville, MI.  We can repair chimney damage done by storms and by normal usage.  Periodic chimney sweeps are necessary if you plan to burn wood in your fireplace due to the build-up of creosote.  Creosote is the natural byproduct of burning wood. If you build fires in your fireplace during the winter or during cold snaps at other times of year, your fireplace walls will accumulate creosote.  And when this builds up, the next fire you burn in your fireplace could spark a fire in your chimney, which can cause damage.  Brickworks Property Restoration can complete chimney sweeps in Northville, MI to clear the build up of creosote.

Professional Chimney Sweep in Northville, MI

Each time you have a fire in your fireplace, small amounts of soot and dust travel up your chimney via the smoke produced by burning.  Those substances cling to the sides of the flue and form creosote. The more creosote that builds up, the less able your chimney is to accommodate the build-up, and your risk of a chimney fire increases.  A chimney sweep in Northville, MI will restore your chimney to its previous safe state so you can burn a fire without a safety concern. 

Creosote can build up very quickly if not cleaned regularly by a chimney sweep in Northville, MI. As the substance gathers on the chimney walls, the creosote also heats up.  And because heat causes moisture to evaporate, creosote becomes all the more possible to catch fire.

Our chimney sweep in Northville MI can help to limit or even prevent creosote build-up. The easiest and best way to limit and prevent creosote build-up is proper care of your chimney.  In most cases, we employ the approach of using brushes and vacuuming to remove most of the creosote that has built up.  But you may also be interested in Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR), which is actually an old-fashioned poultice that uses modern methods to absorb creosote and prevent build-up.  When you schedule a chimney sweep in Northville, MI with Brickworks, we will be happy to provide more information about power cleaning and Poultice Creosote Remover.

Now is a Great Time to Schedule a Chimney Sweep in Northville, MI

Professional associations that regulate chimney safety and fire prevention strongly recommend annual inspections of your chimney.  Doing so helps to maintain the efficiency of your chimney and keep it safe when you use your fireplace.  Brickworks Property Restoration is an experienced chimney sweep in Northville, MI and is happy to serve as your chimney maintenance provider.  We take pride in our work especially when it comes to chimney maintenance. We make your family’s safety our top priority. 

Give our chimney sweep in Northville, MI a call at (586) 868-3234 and we will be happy to talk with you about our chimney sweep services.