Helifix Installers Michigan

Factory Approved Helifix Installers in Michigan – Brickworks Property Restoration

Brickworks Property Restoration has joined forces with Helifix as Michigan’s premier contractor for the retrofitting and repair of brick and cement walls, chimneys and other structures large and small. This includes residential, commercial and majestic historical properties in and around Metro Detroit and the great state of Michigan!

Helifix is an international leader with tested and proven repair and restoration systems, and you can trust the experts at Brickworks Property Restoration for all your repair needs. Helifix’s advanced structural repair products include:

  • Their Patented Helifix Bowtie Repair System
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Bowtie HD Helical Anchors
  • Amazingly Effective Helifix Crack Stitching Systems
  • Strong Bonding Helibond Grout and Dryfixkits

There are many advantages to using Helifix; such as quick and no mess installations, and little to no disruption in the integrity of your existing brick. I addition, with Brickworks Property Restoration you have the assurance that your repairs will be performed by insured, licensed and factory approved Helifix technicians.

Take advantage of a winning team in Michigan while preserving the appearance and character of your home, business or historical structure. You also have the added value of less costly repairs, expert craftsmanship and Michigan builders that really love to restore majestic brick structures and other buildings to their original beauty and performance.

A Trusted Name in Structural Repair Solutions for Over 30 Years

The Helifix corporation has a long and respectable reputation for providing extremely reliable structural repair systems. Also, not just any builder or licensed contractor can be a factory approved Helifix installer. Brickworks Property Restoration stands above the crowd now as Michigan’s premiere Helifix installers and repair experts for amazing structural repair we promise you will love!

In addition, Helifix continually introduces new and innovative repair systems with proven repair technology that is second to none. Their commitment to assisting companies like Brickworks Property Restoration for amazing repairs is ongoing. This has earned Helifix the reputation as industry leader for over 30 years. Now, you can quickly regain the structural integrity of your home, business or historical structure from a team of experienced professionals that lead the way for the most advanced building restoration here in Michigan.

Easily Restore Property to The Original Majesty While being Friendly to Our Planet

The Helifix line of repair solutions has a tested and proven remedy for fixing structural defects for most building materials that include: Brownstone, Cement Blocks, Brick Chimneys and Brick walls, Wood Structures and more. In most cases we see, proper repair and restoration is commonly preferred as a sustainable substitute to tear-downs or demo while retaining architectural integrity, minimizing material resources, and choosing the most affordable solution for reducing carbon footprints.