What is a Vault Room?

Vault Rooms are the perfect, in-home solution for keeping your family and property as safe and secure as possible. A secured vault room is most often used as a sanctuary for your most valued assets. Most vault rooms are made of thick concrete walls with a near-impenetrable, metal vault door. Extra features that can be installed into a vault room include ventilation systems, power generators, firearm walls or racks, and even restrooms: it’s best to be prepared for anything.

What can you store in a Vault Room?

Almost anything. If the item can fit in the vault room’s dimensions (typically 245 cubic feet) and can go through the safe door, you can store it. Vault rooms are excellent for storing precious, valuable, and sentimental items such as firearms, wedding photos, collectibles, art pieces, your family in times of crisis, and much more. Most vault rooms are fireproof as well and can have dehumidifiers and other precautions placed inside to mitigate moisture and pests.

Can Vault Room doors be opened from the inside?

Yes. All SnapSafe Vault Doors have an internal handle that can lock and unlock the door
from the inside. Sometimes, locking yourself and your family in a home vault can be a great idea during severe storms or a suspected home invasion. A panic room wouldn’t be useful if you couldn’t lock it from the inside, less useful if you couldn’t open it.

Can you have a Vault Room installed in your house?

Yes. The simplest way to install a vault room is during the construction of your home’s foundation; however, one can be installed into your existing home as well. If you’re considering increasing the security capabilities of your home with a vault room, you’re thinking smart. Home safe rooms, vaults, or “panic rooms” add more value to your home and provide extra security for your family and valuables.

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