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Complete Basement Waterproofing & Repair Services

Whether your basement is a focal point of your home or an extra storage area, water damage in a basement can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Left unchecked, water damage in a basement can even lead to foundational issues and serious structural problems. So anything you can do to prevent water damage or to minimize it now could prove massively beneficial down the line!

Signs of Water Damage

The initial signs of water damage in a basement might seem small at first, but they can contribute to big problems all the same. Improper drainage systems, groundwater buildup, eroded concrete sealant, and/or periods of heavy rainfall can all increase the chances of water damage occurring on your property. Without proper basement waterproofing, your home could be at risk for all of the following signs of basement water damage:

    • Dirt lines on walls indicating water encroachment
    • Discolored, bubbling, or fading paint on basement walls. 
    • Presence of mold on the walls. 
    • Damp or musty smells. 
    • Cracked or bowed walls. 
    • Water stains and mold on carpets or floor surfaces.
    • Increased humidity levels. 

Over time, all of these problems may also create major structural issues within your home’s foundation. Should you notice any of these warning signs, it’s important to take action to stop water damage from increasing inside your home ASAP.  

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement waterproofing is an investment that will safeguard your home against one of the most common and devastating forms of property damage. Homeowners should take this issue seriously and insist on waterproofing solutions that both stop water damage now and address the sources of potential water damage in the future. 

Thankfully, we offer key waterproofing services like: 

    • Interior and exterior basement waterproofing. 
    • Interior foundation waterproofing. 
    • Yard drain installation. 
    • Brick and cement repairs. 
    • De-humidification system installation.
    • Wall straightening and bracing. 
    • Crack injections. 
    • And much more!

Waterproofing a basement requires skill and experience. The last thing a homeowner would want is to pay for a waterproofing service that doesn’t offer full protection. It’s key to work with an organization that is capable of diagnosing and correcting water drainage and sealant problems before they become costly. Key preventative maintenance and effective repairs now can protect your home for years to come!

Why Choose Brickworks? 

At Brickworks, we strive to go above and beyond for our customers to ensure their satisfaction every time we take on a project. We have years of experience working in the Detroit metro area. We know this region, and crucially, we know how to spot potential problems before they become apparent. 

Our highly-skilled team will inspect your entire property setup and make custom recommendations based on your situation. We only use the highest quality masonry equipment, and we’ll follow up on our work as-needed. Plus, we’re happy to conduct inspections with you to monitor your drainage system, inspect your gutters, and keep moisture levels consistent around your house. We’re experts in preventing water damage as well as repairing it, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be able to help you with any level of problem you may be facing. 

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